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Agreed, that it is never easy to get loans, especially in the cut-throat financial times like these. But at Online Monthly Loans, we have often surprised clients with our effortless and swift credit services. If you have been on the lookout of a reliable credit partner, you have stumbled upon the right place. Combining the experience and service orientation, we at Online Monthly Loans successfully serve each of our client, providing you exactly with what you are looking for.

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Your Gateway to Instantaneous Short Term Loans

With a drive to serve you the right way possible, we at Online Monthly Loans have custom made our credit facilities to fit your requirements. Ranging from 12 months to 3 months and less, you can conveniently opt for any particular short term loan. As against our competitors, that may pressurize you to pay back the credit amount in a lump sum around your pay-day, our loans can easily be extended to a period of 3 months, less or more!

Our short term loans are particularly designed to take the pressure off your pay-day! Instant of having to return the amount exactly on your salary day, you can easily extend the period.

3 Months Loans: If you are in dire requirement of liquid cash, and your pay-day isn’t near, please opt for our 3 months loans. And instead of having to pay the entire amount within a month, you can take your own sweet time and return the money within 3 months. This way, you may still enjoy a part of your salary, while using the other part of it to relieve yourself of the loan amount, in small bits and pieces.

6 Months Loans: The short period of loan can also be extended to 6 months. It is often ideal to opt for a six months loan in UK, so that you pay the same off at your own convenience. Our 6 months loan service is pretty easy! Simply select the amount that you require and fill up our loan application form online! Within a few days, without asking for a guarantor or a good credit history, we’ll get you the willing and trustworthy lender! Hurry up! It really is just as simple!

12 Months Loans: Manage your expenses well with our easy to pay 12 months loans. No need to fret anymore about any unexpected emergency. Simply opt for our twelve months loan in UK and get instant financial aid. Besides, you can pay this loan off within a long period of 12 months. This way, there is hardly any strain on your regular expenses, and also, you can easily deal with the urgency. Fill up our online loan application form and you can expect the money you need soon in your bank account!

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From £100 to £1000, you can solicit any particular amount, for any particular span of time, and we shall provide you with the same. Without having to fit your requirements under any particular plan or package, simply ask for the amount that you require. Why should you pay for more amount than what you need? Simply apply for the specific credit and enjoy our financial aid sans any extra amount or hidden charges.

Besides, in stark contrast to our competitors, we allow you to select the number of days for which you require the credit amount. You can easily choose the time period, without having us insist on at least 30 day loans or more.

Such effortlessness and flexibility is only available at Online Monthly Loans! Thus, apply for your loan and enjoy a reliable and trustworthy credit service!

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Experience the everlasting peace of mind with our online Application Process, which is given for free. If you are in dire need of credit and nothing is going your way, just relax! We bring to you an effortless way of seeking credit. Simply fill out our short and concise online application form, and woof! Soon you’ll be flooded with the cash that you are seeking, and you don’t even have to wait until your next pay-cheque in order to apply! It really is just as simple!

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Yes, with no hidden agendas and hurdles, you can easily get the loans, without producing a reliable credit history or a guarantor. Skip every hoop in your way to getting the loan you desire, by choosing us as your credit partners. We don’t require you to provide us with a willing guarantor or possess a good credit history. Even if you have a haywire credit history, we would still provide you with the loan you are looking for, no questions asked! Thus, go ahead and apply for your loan now!

What sets us apart?

With the panache to deliver the most excellent and coveted credit services to our clients, we are an organization that is driven and compassionate. In the present day competitive world, it is easy to find reckless self serving sharks! What sets us apart is our drive to serve you the most.

We at the Online Monthly Loans firmly believe that the only way to survive in the present market is by building trustworthy long lasting relationships with our clients. Hence, we have developed a procedure which is completely fair, reasonable and transparent. You can rely on us for easy, hassle free and honest services. And yes, we really do care about your holistic health! There are no hidden charges whatsoever; you only pay for what you get!

Thus, for a relaxed and empowering credit services, contact us now!



Enduring monetary crisis in the present times is often a cause of concern for many. If you have got your hands full and an emergency crop up in the middle of a gruelling financial crunch, there is no need to fret anymore. We understand that it is an emotional time for the family, and we try to make it better for you by providing you with the most swift and convenient loans.

Our credit facilities are designed to facilitate your convenience and ease of use. You get to decide the period for which you want the loan, and how you would want to repay the same. We do not put you under and distress or ask you to repay the amount as soon as you get your pay check. With Online Monthly Loans, you can easily decide the period of time in which you would like to repay the loans.

You may browse through our various short term loan services. From 3 to 12 months, you can easily extend the repay period, and manage your expenses at your own conveniences.

With a passion to serve and help people out of their financial distress, we do not even require a guarantor or a good credit history. We put you across the most trusted and standardized lenders, you get instant monetary help! How much would you like to see the money you need in your bank account now? Great, right? Apply for loans online, and get to enjoy that feeling now.

Credit seekers can easily apply for loans with us, since we do not even ask you to produce collaterals. We do not drag you into the complexities of asset evaluation and worse. Even if you do not own your home, or are living on rent, we would still provide you with the loan that you require. Besides, as your trustworthy financial assistants, we still accept you, even if you have been tagged as arrears, defaulters or have been involved in the county court judgements.

If you require immediate cash, for whatever reason, trust us, we can help you!

Just fill in our short and concise online funds applications form, and witness how easy and hassle free it is to get the loans that you require.

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